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The Bengali Department of Barasat College is a primordial one that startedfunctioning since 1988-89. The Honours course was introduced in the year2001. The department follows the CBCS system of education under the affiliation of West Bengal State University. The students of Bengali Language and Literature are offered the knowledge of Bengali grammar, history of Bengali literature. The texts students explore give them multiple opportunities to discuss and reassess their own values and beliefs. These act as a compass in life as students grow up. They develop a sense of individuality and creativity, as they develop their own opinions about issues in their texts, they learn to consider multiple perspectives and understand the complexity of human nature and therein lies the value of the subject – it prepares one for the ambiguities of life, to take uncertainties in one’s stride. A strong group of faculty members work relentlessly not only in disseminating knowledge amongst the young learners but tirelessly work towards the growth and development of the young minds. Presently the Department is run by five Lecturers, Prof. Haimanti Dasgupta, M.A., B.Ed, Dr. Prateeti Bhattacharya, M.A., P.hD, Dr. Lena Ghosh, M.A., PhD, Prof. Manasi Mondal, M.A. and Prof. Surya Bhattacharya, M.A. Through classroom activities and activities outside the classroom opportunities are thrown open to them leading to polishing their talents, gathering experiences and building their personalities. A holistic approach to learning ensures to fully activate all aspects of a learner’s personality for more effective and comprehensive learning.

Course Outcome (CO) and Programme Specific Outcome (PSO)

# Title File
1 CO and PSO of Bengali Hons and General VIEW FILE

Present Faculty Details

# Name Educational Qualification Designation Research Interest Experience Photo View CV
1 Prof. Haimanti Dasgupta M.A , B.Ed. Associate Professor (H.O.D) NA 32 Years View
2 Dr. Prateeti Bhattacharya M.A , PhD. Associate Professor NA NA View
3 Dr. Leena Ghosh M.A , PhD. Faculty NA NA View
4 Prof. Manasi Mondal M.A Faculty NA 15 Years View
5 Prof. Surya Bhattacharya M.A Faculty NA 14 Years View

Departmental Activities

The Department has its own departmental library consisting of numerous reference books for students. The Department believe that classroom study is not sufficient to achieve desired goal. Simultaneously the Department arranges seminars, stage performances, publication of magazines, celebration of ‘Language-Day’, ‘Teachers’ Day’ etc.

# Academic Year Title File
1 2022-23 Dummy Departmental Activities Files VIEW FILE

Bengali Syllabus

# Title File
1 Dummy Syllabus 1 VIEW FILE

University Exam Question Bank

# Academic Year Semester File
1 2021-22 SEM 1 VIEW FILE

Class Routine/Timetable

# Title File
1 Dummy Class Routine/Timetable 1 VIEW FILE

Departmental Notice

# Date Title File
1 18/02/2023 Dummy Departmental Notice 1 VIEW FILE

Research Activities

# Numbers Type of Publication
1 10 Das Publication

Departmental Events

Demo Event Title Demo


Date of Events: 12 Oct 2021

The Department believe that classroom study is not sufficient to achieve desired goal. Simultaneously the Department arranges seminars, stageperformances, publication of magazines, celebration of ‘Language-Day’, ‘Teachers’ Day’ etc.

Admission Sub Committee:

# Name Portfolio
1 Prof. Dipak Sen Convenor
2 Dr. Ashoke Chakraborty Member
3 Mr. Avishek Das Member

Prospectus Sub-Committee:

# Name Portfolio
1 Dr. Moloy Barman Convenor
2 Mr. Ashim Mondal Member
3 Mr. Aloke Dam Member
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